Our Contributions

With your weekly contributions, Help Vets U.S.A arranges all kinds of help for veterans in need. From serving food to the homeless outside, transportation for disabled veterans, to housing facilities, your donation helps us be there for the veterans in every way possible.

Food & Clothes

You can contribute to Help Vets U. S. A’s veterans’ housing assistance program by donating $5 weekly. We will directly buy the required things like food, clothes and other basic necessities with your contribution.

Supported Housing

Help Vets U.S.A also provides supported housing for homeless veterans. Our goal is to make sure those who fought for our homeland are not left homeless

themselves .


Our transportation program designed to help ease the burden of traveling.  We provide vehicles and other transportation facilities through Veterans administration to deserving recipients for their daily needs.

Employement Opportunities

Other opportunities may be provided to assist Veterans in providing them earning opportunities for the independent living who are severely disabled and unable to work in traditional employment.

Benefits & More

Other benefits include specialty services to our Veterans like social and legal support for helping manage their status in the existing society and to avoid any negative outcomes may experience.