Give a

Helping Hand

to Homeless Veterans

It's time to be there for those who fought for our freedom. Lest we forget all the sacrifices and bravery
they have demonstrated – let us reach out to our selfless veterans.

Help Vets U.S.A strives to meet the needs of Veterans

We Aim To Ensure No Veteran is Without a Place to Call Home

Help Vets U.S.A is a Charity NPO committed to resolving the issue of housing for homeless veterans. With just a weekly contribution of $5, we provide housing assistance for veterans, shelter, clothing, food, and transportation to all the homeless veterans. Our creed is leaving no man behind. Your little contribution can do wonders for those who stood up and fought for your country's freedom. It's time to be there for them.

When it's about donations, every bit counts.
You can contribute to Help Vets U. S. A’s veterans’ housing assistance program by donating $5 weekly. We will directly buy the required things with your contribution and provide them to the homeless veterans.

Every Penny Matters

With your weekly contributions, Help Vets U.S.A arranges all kinds of help for veterans in need. From serving food to the homeless outside, transportation for disabled veterans, to housing facilities.

Supported Housing

Help Vets U.S.A also provides supported housing for homeless veterans. Our goal is to make sure those who fought for our homeland are not left homeless themselves.


Our transportation program designed to help ease the burden of traveling.  We provide vehicles and other transportation facilities through Veterans administration to deserving recipients for their daily needs.


1800+ Veterans

With your regular donations over the past years, we feel pride in sharing that we’ve managed to secure home around 1800+ homeless veterans.

2,400+ Distributions

Your contributions have helped us reach out to 2400+ shelter homes and facilities to ensure the homeless veterans have everything they need.

11,500+ Supporters

We provide continuous support and help through over 11,500+ supporters worldwide who always contribute, and we’re still expanding!

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    Our Mission is to House Homeless Vets